M–F   8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST accommodations to make every life easy. Admission status is subject to the terms of any previous academic or disciplinary suspension or probation. The request must be stated clearly and contain: efforts made to improve during absence from Liberty. Transcripts are evaluated by the Liberty University Office of Transfer Evaluations under the guidelines established by the Liberty University Online Curriculum Committee. Any military students wishing to be readmitted who broke enrollment due to deployment must contact the Office of Military Affairs. Prospective students are encouraged to apply over the phone with an experienced Admissions representative or online at https://www.liberty.edu/online/. If an international student is seeking admission to an undergraduate program of study and has attended an accredited U.S. high school for a minimum of two years, the English proficiency test requirement may be waived. Students homeschooled outside of the United States must submit a transcript that confirms completion of a secondary education according to an identified standard or authority. Students who have attended an American college/university for two or more years may not be required to submit a test of English proficiency. Liberty University's Canvas and Blackboard Redirect Portal. You have to know that Liberty University is the largest Evangelical Christian University in the world and the largest university in Virginia. The documentation may be a letter from the local school board or public school superintendent, a letter from an umbrella school, or a signed affidavit from the parent or guardian. In the consideration process, the applicant’s complete prior academic record, recommendations, plans for the future, and personal information will be reviewed. Liberty University reserves the right to make necessary changes without further notice. All rights reserved. A break in enrollment occurs when a student is not actively taking a class each academic year. Shop for your course materials and textbooks, sell your used books for cash & access your digital materials. 1232g) and Rules of the Department of Education (34 C.F.R. Do not submit portfolios, photocopies of awards, or photographs of school projects. Status 2 Special Students are those students who are not interested in obtaining a degree; however, they are interested in taking one or more college level courses up to a maximum of 12 credit hours. If, after the first term of enrollment following readmission under Academic Amnesty, the student’s cumulative GPA falls below the minimum cumulative GPA required for good academic standing in the student’s degree program, the student will be Academically Dismissed, and will not be permitted to submit any further appeals for permission to continue his/her studies through Liberty University. Fax: (888) 301-3577 Contact the Ticket Office (434) 582-SEAT (7328) (866) 447-2084 (Toll-free) tickets@liberty.edu. In order to qualify for academic amnesty, a student must have been academically suspended or academically dismissed from the University, as well as must satisfy the subsequent guidelines for readmission. A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Graduate Catalog. If those documents are unavailable, applicants should submit a copy of their DD214, 2-1, 2A, or DD295 for evaluation. Verification that the home-education was carried out in compliance with applicable commonwealth or state laws. ), If an undergraduate degree at an accredited university/college outside of the U.S. in which the primary medium of instruction is English, the English proficiency test requirement may be waived. Additional information and University policies regarding the protection of student records are published online at www.liberty.edu/ferpa. Students who have been granted Academic Amnesty are not eligible for graduation honors. You may still receive manually-dialed calls and/or texts from Liberty University. Sr. Director of Enrollment. The regulations listed herein are subject to change after the date of publication through established procedures. Feel free to explore these example courses. Students who have been Academically Dismissed from Liberty University are not eligible for Special Student status. University communications will also be sent to your Liberty University email address. If an international student is seeking admission to an undergraduate program of study and has earned a high school diploma at an accredited international high school outside of the U.S. using a U.S. high school curriculum and in which the primary medium of instruction is English, the English proficiency test requirement may be waived. By selecting "No", you are opting out of receiving such calls and/or texts from Liberty and its affiliates using automated technology. Enter your LU email as the username and follow the Forgot your Password link to create a new password. Students deciding to enroll as degree seeking students in the future must complete a new application and fulfill all admissions requirements. Welcome to the U.S. e-commerce shops, digital platforms, websites, applications ("apps"), widgets, blogs, or other online offerings owned or operated by subsidiaries of Barnes & Noble Education, Inc., including Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC; MBS Textbook Exchange, LLC; Student Brands, LLC; or any of their affiliates … Liberty University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees through residential and online programs. offers a new look that creates an improved user-friendly experience that is personalized for our (Proof must be submitted in the form of an official statement from the school’s Registrar Office. Students may be conditionally enrolled following the receipt of a completed application. Elective credit is coded as 1XX – 4XX, depending on the level of the course. Welcome to Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA)! Students will have their application held until transcripts from one of the below schools are received. ), RN licensure in state of residence (copy of licensure document), Graduate of an NLN accredited nursing program leading to an associate degree or hospital diploma. Students who break enrollment will be required to follow the degree requirements in effect at the time of re-entry to the University. LU Students, Faculty, or Staff. The University reserves the right to refuse or revoke admission or readmission to any prospective student or returning student. Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing, Dennis Bridge, B.S., M.A. South www.liberty.edu/online/admission-requirements/, www.liberty.edu/online/homeschool-students/, www.liberty.edu/online/transfer-students/, https://englishtest.duolingo.com/applicants. At the undergraduate level, Liberty University defines a degree program as a major. Admission to Liberty University’s undergraduate program is governed by policies and procedures developed by the Senate Committee on Academic and Admission Standards. Applicants who have completed secondary education or college-level academic coursework outside of the U.S. must have their transcripts evaluated by a credential evaluation service provider that is a member of the National Association of Credential Services (NACES®). SAT 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST, Mailing Address: Current Registered Respiratory Therapy (RRT) credential provided by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). Athletics - Check out what’s going on in the world of Liberty Sports! Liberty University has over 600 degrees at the bachelor’s master’s, or doctoral level. Easily access your email from the is now categorized by specific groupings rather than having a full list of widgets. Additional courses may be approved if the student has no intention of being a degree seeking student. Transfer applicants must complete all of the forms that are listed for the initial application procedure. GRST 501 Graduate Success Strategies (0 c.h.) With widget updates and improved navigation the myLU app has been redesigned for the current user. Appeals may be granted, and will be evaluated on other indicators of ability to satisfactorily perform at the college level as determined by the Office of Admissions.

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